a feature film written and directed by Raffaele Verzillo 

with Jordi Mollà (Riddick, Knight and Day, Elisabeth - The Golden Age, Blow), Giulia Bevilacqua, Giorgio Colangeli (Il Divo), Domenico Fortunato, Ralph Palka
Monsignor Angelo Paolini is an illuminated spirit, firmly convinced that the Church should ‘update’ its language to be able to go on witnessing the Word of God to the world. His dear childhood friend Mario Guarrazzi is a former sprinter who has won everything apart from the most important thing: the Olympic Games. This concern has marked his life, and he tries to overcome it through his son Tommaso, who is also a very good sprinter. 
However, he gives up his hope when Tommaso tells him he is not going to the Olympics because he wants to become a monk. Mons. Angelo has an idea: to settle up the Vatican Olympic National Team to take part in the Olympic Games of London 2012.

So they start the crazy project: finding former sportspersons among religious all over the world, to go together with Tommaso and build up the Vatican team.

Italy - 2012, 95’, 35mm, available in Full HD 
Genre: Comedy 
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Produced by Scripta and Rai Cinema

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