a docureality written and directed by Gualtiero Peirce
with Lola Ponce and the Missionary Sisters of  Velletri 
The special meeting between women with different life experiences, in the background of music, warmth and welcoming smiles accurately filmed. Lola Ponce was guest of the Santa Paola Missionary Sisters’ Convent in Velletri (Roma).
A real-life "sister act". The beautiful Argentine singer and dancer Lola Ponce taught the nuns "true singing" skills and received exceptional human and spiritual response in return. The result of the days spent together represent the heart of a "show" performed in a magnificent and glorious setting: the Holy Apostles Basilica in Rome.
Lola Ponce is a famous Argentinian singer and performer, popular to the Italian audience for winning the Sanremo Festival in 2008, for playing the leading role in the musicals Notre Dame de Paris and I Promessi Sposi, and for being anchor-woman in the TV program Mai Dire Goal.
Italy - 2011, 68’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Documentary 
Language: Italian with English subtitles, Spanish version available
Broadcasted by Rai1 on Easter Monday 2011, daytime 
Produced by Cyrano New Media and RAI Fiction
© TVCO srl - 2013/2016
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