a Christmas concert directed by Medwyn Hughes (BBC and Royal Albert Hall Proms
with Libera boy choir
The iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh, the ‘Mother Church’ of Ireland, is the setting for a performance of Christmas songs by one of the world’s most accomplished and acclaimed boy choirs, Libera. In a concert recorded for television, ‘Angels Sing, Libera Christmas in Ireland’ presents traditional Christmas carols interpreted in the Libera style, and influenced by Irish music and melodies.The small Irish string and wind ensemble which accompanies the concert includes some of Ireland’s most accomplished interpreters of the Irish musical tradition. 
The angelic purity of the Libera voices, virtuoso instrumental performances, movement and the dramatically-lit setting combine to make, ‘Libera ‘Christmas in Ireland‘ unlike other seasonal offerings. And yet, amidst its originality, it sounds the bells of tradition, childhood memories, and seasonal spirituality.
The Libera boys live in South London and are aged 8 to 16. They go to many different schools, have differents backgrounds and sing as their hobby. Familiar to audiences across the world, the boys have a stunningly original sound, which is at once both ancient and modern. Some of them will introduce the music and talk to the audience.
UK - 2013, 58’, available in HD 
Genre: Musical, Concert 
Language: English
Produced by Libera Foundation


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