(I Soliti Ignoti)
a feature film by Mario Monicelli (Casanova ‘70, The Organizer, The Great War, My Friends)
with Marcello Mastroianni (La Dolce Vita, 81/2, The Night, A Special Day, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow), Vittorio Gassman (Sleepers, Scent of a Woman, Il Sorpasso), Claudia Cardinale (Once Upon a Time in the West, 81/2, The Leopard, Fizcarraldo), Totò (The Hawks and the Sparrows)

An all-star cast and jazzy score highlight this charming comedy, a deft satire of classic caper films like Rififi. Big Deal on Madonna Street hilariously details the plight of a sad-sack group of bumbling thieves and their desperate attempts to pull off the perfect heist. 

A delightfully satirical takeoff on robbery films that has seen many remakes... but this one's a must. 

Academy Awards Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film

Italy - 1958, 111’, available in Full HD
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Produced by Lux Film
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