a documentary by Marco Santarelli
In 1969, three young boys from Tortoreto, a small town in the Abruzzo region, write a letter to the President of the Republic of the time, asking him to help them go to Mars! That letter is now on display at the Presidential archives among thousands of requests and letters that Italian citizens have written to their presidents over the decades.  A priceless legacy yet to be fully studied, dating from the end of  World War I, in 1918, to present day Italy; her chiaroscuro history, through the sometimes naïve but never pathetic “eyes and voices” of thousands of Italians.
Filmmaker Santarelli reviewed 17,000 letters at the Italian presidential archives and selected beautiful, desperate, astounding, but always dignified requests for understanding and help from ordinary citizens. Post-war Italian history visualized using fabulous archival images. A journey composed of hard and dramatic life stories, and a myriad of dreams, which present the Italy of yesteryear (and perhaps of today) from an uncommon point of view.

Italy - 2013, 69’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Documentary
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Produced by Madeleine, Istituto Luce and Rai Cinema
© TVCO srl - 2013/2014
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