Duns Scoto (Blessed Duns Scotus)
a feature film directed by Fernando Muraca 
with Adriano Braidotti, Raffaele Proietti, Sebastiano Colla, Alessandro Chini, Camilla Diana
Duns Scotus, a 13th century friar who stood up to the powerful King of France to defend his ideals. With his refusal to endorse a decree by the King against the Pope, he will suffer exile. In the end, he will be called to lead a dispute with the Dominicans regarding the Immaculate Conception of Mary, Mother of Jesus.
This is the story of the events that led to his dispute and how he won it. 
A real Medieval village in central Italy, magnificent costumes and atmosphere give this film its authentic feel and everybody will enjoy it. 
Best Movie and Best Actor in a Leading Role at Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival 2011
Italy - 2011, 85’ available in HD 
Genre: Biopic, Drama, History, Religious 
Language: Italian with English subtitles, English, Spanish and Polish version available
Produced by TVCO and Frati Francescani dell’Immacolata
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Available on Vimeo on demand
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