a film by Krzysztof Zanussi 
with Daniel Olbrychski, Maja Komorowska, Jan Nowicki
Vit, 30, works for an architectural design studio in Silesia. One day he receives a message from home, urging him to visit his sick father. Vit goes to a small town near Warsaw. The sickness turns out to be an excuse. The father wants Vit to take responsibility for the family. Vit however refuses to be a saviour for his relatives whose lifestyle he despises. His father is an alcoholic, his sister Bella a nymphomaniac, his aunt slovenly and extravagant. Vit leaves failing to meet their expectations. The question of whether one has the right to cut away from one's family if they threaten one's individuality and prevent one from achieving important personal targets opened a hot debate in the press.
‘‘Family Life’’ is a fatalistic portrait of life, society and family, arguing for the impossibility of escaping the past or disappearing into a “utopic” future. In Zanussi’s film everything is relative and interconnected, and society is something we can neither escape from or to. - Adrian Danks
Cannes Film Festival 1970 - Official Competition
Poland - 1970, 88’, 35mm, available in Full HD 
Genre: Drama
Language: Polish with English subtitles
Produced by Studio Filmowe Tor
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