a documentary by Marco Spagnoli 
with Tonino Cervi, Giuliano Montaldo, Ettore Scola, Carlo Lizzani, Jean Sorel, Paolo Virzì, Riccardo Tozzi
Few moviegoers know her name, but attorney Giovanna Cau – who in 91 years has never given up her proverbial temperament and an enterprising, mercurial intelligence – was a vital collaborator of artists such as Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni, Italo Calvino,  Alberto Moravia, Ettore Scola, Carlo Lizzani, Francesco Rosi, Monica Vitti, and even Paolo Sorrentino and Emanuele Crialese.
A surprising number of films that have made Italian cinema great germinated in her illustrious office in Via Maria Adelaide in Rome, also a hotbed for critical battles for copyright, actors’ rights and the abolition of censorship. Marco Spagnoli skillfully draws into the limelight an inimitable personality who in front of the camera finally tends to herself, reliving her childhood and youth, her career and her warm, invaluable memories of her extraordinary “fellow travelers.”

Italy - 2011, 70’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Documentary
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Produced by Maremosso, Polifemo, Twister and Cinecittà Luce
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