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In the Name of the Father
(Nel Nome del Padre)
a feature film by Marco Bellocchio (Vincere, Good Morning Night, My Mother’s Smile, Fists in the Pocket) with Yves Beneyton (Chariots of Fire, The Lacemaker), Renato Scarpa (We Have a Pope, The Postman), Piero Vida (Nostalghia, The Night Porter), Laura Betti (The Canterbury Tales, 1900, Teorema), Lou Castel (Fists in the Pocket)

Italy, late 1950s. Angelo (Yves Beneyton) is new at the school but soon rebels against the clerical teaching staff and the repressive school head. In the slipstream of a strike by the school staff, he and his schoolmates also try out an insurgency. Yet this soon solidifies into new hierarchies, turning the rebel into a malicious demagogue who goes on to establish a new system of fear.

The film is an assault on patriarchy and paternalism, which proceed from the father’s being the family head, which proceeds from God the Father’s being the most authoritative member of the Holy Trinity. The film also assaults Fascism, the political translation of the nation’s paternalism. The Film has been recently remastered and is a must for cinephiles.

Italy - 1972, 109', available in Full HD
Genre: Drama, Black Comedy
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Produced by Vides Cinematografica
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