a film by Antonio Cuadri (The Heart of the Earth, You are my hero)with Moncho Sánchez-Diezma, Mery Delgado
A group of actors from a theater company shut themselves in a 13th century monastery in Spain for the rehearsals of a play about Thomas More’s dramatic trial in the days before his decapitation. The play characters begin to intertwine with the actors’ personal conflicts and backstories. Antonio and Carmen, who play Thomas More and his daughter Margaret, start on an emotional journey during which their own very identity will be threatened.
An 'actor's film' celebrating a combination of stage and cinema performances. A glance at the intense world of acting, always on the edge between reality and fiction, sanity and insanity. In short, the dark and bright territory of the artistic creation.
Spain - 2014, 95’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Drama
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Produced by NTIC and Punto 2 Producciones
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