a feature film by Bruno Colella
with Mark Kostabi, Thorsten Kirchhoff, H. H. Lim, Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Lina Sastri (Baarìa, To Rome with Love), Piera Degli Esposti (Il Divo), Jerzy Stuhr (We have a Pope, Three Colors: White), Alessandro Haber (The Conformist), Serena Grandi (The Great Beauty), Nino Frassica (Baarìa), Luisa Ranieri (Letters to Juliet, Eros), Rocco Papaleo, Sebastiano Somma
A director and his assistant are traveling around Europe to seek financing for a film with and about four international artists: Polish Krzysztof Bednarski, Danish Thorsten Kirchhoff, American Mark Kostabi and Malaysian H.H. Lim; all of them stars from the world of art and in love with Italy.
We will see them in extraordinary moments of their Italian experience: Bednarski’s offer from a Neapolitan gangster’s widow; Kirchhoff’s adventurous drive to save his art installation; Kostabi’s pilgrimage to the burned down site of the Napoli’s Science City - a few steps from Sophia Loren’s native home; Lim’s obsession with a beautiful woman spotted in the crowd of a Roman café and her wanderings into the city outskirts…
Contemporary art confronts with comedy and combine to reveal its nature of a happy carnival made of improvisation and open-mindedness. Hilarious and quirky, the film is a refreshing piece of comedia del arte contemporary style
Italy/Poland - 2016, 101', available in Full HD
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Produced by Mediterranea Productions


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