a documentary written and directed by Maura Delpero 
with Nadejda Arvinte, Svetlana Stavinschi, Eloiza Clementina Stavinschi
Like many other Moldovan women, Nadea and Sveta moved to Italy for economic reasons. They had to leave their families back home in Moldova. Nadea's sons are grown up, whereas Sveta has left her 3-year old daughter with her grandmother. 
In 2010, after more than two years, Sveta can finally go back home to meet her daughter again. With her friend leaving Italy, Nadea reacts to loneliness and begins to go out in order to meet new people. The stories of the two friends will cross and their destiny will be reversed.

Nadea and Sveta is a film about friendship and complicity between migrant women. It tells a story about motherhood, love, escape from loneliness and search for “home”. A film between Eastern and Western Europe. Narrated with such sensibility, delicacy, rightness of tone and truth. 
David di Donatello Awards 2013 Nomination for the Best Documentary
Italy - 2012, 62’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Documentary, Drama, Biopic
Language: Italian/Moldovian with English subtitles
Produced by Miramonte Film
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