NAPOLI JUNGLE (Bagnoli Jungle)

a feature film by Antonio Capuano (Red Moon, Sacred Silence)

with Luigi Attrice, Antonio Casagrande (The Scarlet Room, Burning City), Marco Grieco, Angela Pagano (The Seed of Man)

Three generations lost in the jungle of Bagnoli, a degraded working class neighborhood of Naples. Three chapters, each about one generation: Giggino, fifty-something, always on the go, a poet in restaurants, a petty thief on the streets; his father, Antonio, in his 80’s, a pensioner from Italsider, once the iconic Naples’ steel mill, now a looming, huge, rusty ghost-town still haunting Bagnoli. He’s nostalgic of his old factory days and his old political passions. A local celebrity knowing all about former soccer star Maradona’s feats, which he tells for a fee to local aficionados; and finally Marco, 18, a sweet, street-savvy deli delivery boy, struggling with his future but confused as to how to get there… Around them the jungle – where all sense has been lost and no replacement has been found yet.
Special Event out of competition at Venice International Film Critic’s Week 2015
Best Film at Russia-Italia Film Festival 
Italy - 2015, 102’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Produced by Eskimo and Enjoy Movies



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