OH, THE BIBLE, my fatherland

a documentary by Mariola Kłos
with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, archbishop Piero Marini, archbishop Celestino Migliore

A film about passion for the Bible and miracles in lives of Bible's readers. This film has been made to encourage you to read the Bible prayerfully and help you develop a passion for the Word, which cannot be replaced by any other word. “How many of our believers are in the dark, suffer distress and think that the matter of faith is a closed topic for them, that what they are experiencing is not faith but doubt, lack of faith, unfaithfulness. No! This too is a part of faith! They shouldn’t become discouraged. Here is the Bible which is to help to understand that faith is a journey” Cardinal G.Ravasi

Grand Prix Special Award, International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival "Niepokalanów" Poland 2013
Poland - 2012, 55’, available in Full HD 
GenreDocumentary, Religious
Produced by Studio Katolik
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