The Crystal Cathedral
This film will speak to all Christians but also to those fond of history and biopics.
The Crystal Cathedral is an epic project about Thomas of Aquinas, a nobleman and intellectual who lived in 14th Century Italy. 
He proved we are not here by coincidence or fate. 
Revered by all Christians, his work will be like a Crystal Cathedral where everyone will see and share his extraordinary intuition. 
We are looking for partners and co-producers
A script (in English and Italian) is available upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries or questions. 
Here is an excerpt from the script:
A sky about to be flooded with light. A title-card appears over the shot: Acquapendente, May 1244 
The timid song of a rare species of bird that will grow stronger as the sun rises. THOMAS is a young man of barely eighteen. He has an impressive build. Tall and sturdy, he wears the habit of a Dominican friar. 
Unlike his three fellow friars of the same age - REGINALDO, RICCARDO and STEFANO - who are resting, he is awake and stares at the pink-tinged horizon. He has his back to the trunk of a tree. The full saddlebags lying around the remains of a fire reveal that the friars are on a journey. 
Thomas gazes at the spectacle of the natural world avidly and in fascination. They are near a torrent whose lively waters break over the rocks, leaving an invigorating freshness in the air. The languid morning star barely shines in the sky that is about to fill with light. The hills are covered with a pink glow. 
We hear the distant cries of woodland animals. Intense peace reigns everywhere. 

     CUT TO:
In the thick undergrowth, we follow the panting flight of an unspecified animal. 
All that we perceive is its disturbing animality. The chase finishes where the undergrowth ends. We hear the panting of the animal and, in the distance, make out a camp of imperial soldiers…

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