a feature film by Antonio Morabito 
with Claudio Santamaria (Casino Royale, Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood, Crime Novel, The Last Kiss), Isabella Ferrari (The Great Beauty, Quiet Chaos), Marco Travaglio, Evita Ciri, Ignazio Oliva (Stealing Beauty)
Bruno is a medical sales representative. His company, ‘Zafer’, is going through a bad period. Bruno is ready to do anything not to lose his job: corrupt doctors, cheat on colleagues, betray the loyalty of those who are closer to him. Bruno is the last ring in the chain of bribery, an illegal method that Zafer, as many other pharmaceutical companies, practices in order to convince doctors to prescribe its medicines. And while just a few doctors refuse to play this game, many of them do not…
“Bruno, apparently a monster, is only the symbol of his society: he incarnates its contradictions, its anxiety, its corruption, its impunity” Antonio Morabito
Italy/Switzerland - 2013, 104’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Produced by Classic and Peacock Film
© TVCO srl - 2013/2015
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