The Vatican Secret Archives

a documentary by Lucas Duran

What is the Vatican Secret Archives and what do they keep inside its huge vaults? What does it do and who works there? This is a fascinating journey into one of the most important centers of research in the world, its most inaccessible chambers, among some of the most intriguing documents in the history of Europe and the world that have been flowing into the Papal archives for the past twelve centuries from all over the globe. The film describes the nature and structure of the Pope’s Archives; it will let us marvel at the invaluable content enshrined in the Vatican Secret Archives: 85 linear kilometers of shelving holding priceless documents of an extraordinary historical value, spanning from the 8th to the 20th century. Martin Luther, Henry VIII, Galileo and the Knights Templar, the warrior monks, are just some of the historical characters featuring in the vast collection. A treasure-chest of priceless artifacts: papal bulls, imperial diplomas, illuminated manuscripts, letters written on unusual materials, magnificent golden seals of every shape and size, trial records, title deeds, and chancellery formularies. This vast patrimony is the image and reflection of the Church’s mission in history.

Italy/Vatican State - 2014, 50’, available in Full HD

Genre: Documentary

Language: Italian, English, Spanish

Produced by CTV and Officina Della Comunicazione



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