a feature film by Cheyenne Carron (Twisted Souls) 
with Fayçal Safi, Brahim Tekfa, Norah Krief, Sarah Zaher, Salah Sassi

Akim is a young Muslim called to be an Imam.  His identity will be challenged by his encounter with Christ...  
Akim will have to face his family’s, peers’ and, above all, his brother’s deep disapproval and refusal of his conversion, but he will struggle for acceptance through his testimony of faith and forgiveness.

A Catholic director and a Muslim cast together for a film that opens towards tolerance and diversity. 

Capax Dei Foundation Award at Mirabile Dictu 2014,  Sélection Festival Braunschweig International film, Sélection Festival du Film Franco-Arabe Institut Français, Sélection Festival Rendez-vous du jeune cinéma Français

France - 2013, 115’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Drama
Language: French with English subtitles, Spanish

Produced by Carron Production
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