Querida Mamãe

A film by Jeremias Moreira Filho, Dani Carneiro


Based on Maria Adelaida Amaral’s critically acclaimed play, “Dear Mom” centers on the conflictive relationship between Heloisa, a recently divorced doctor, and her mother Ruth. Heloisa blames Ruth for her bad relationship with her own daughter, her failed marriage, and even her unsuccessful career. It’s a conflict that worsens when Ruth, after being diagnosed with cancer, finds out that Heloisa has fallen in love with Leda, a painter she met at the hospital she works at.

Festival and awards
Festival Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo
Chicago Latino Film Festival
Outshine Film Festival


  • Drama
  • Family
  • LGBT
Original title
Querida Mamãe
  • Brazil
  • 2018
  • 90’ min.

Directed by

  • Jeremias Moreira Filho
  • Dani Carneiro


  • Letícia Sabatella
  • Selma Egrei
  • Marat Descartes
  • Genésio de Barros
  • Cláudia Missura
  • Amanda Magalhães
  • Adolfo Moura
  • Bruna Carvalho

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