Free parties are the last important spontaneous artistic and cultural expression of the XX century.
The authors of the documentary analyze this phenomenon from different aspects: from the socio-political to the historical, from the 1990s in Britain, with one foot in the clubs and the other in the cyberpunk era, to the zero years of the 2000s in Italy (via France, Germany and the Czech Republic). The illegal rave scene, and the subsequent free party and teknival movement, was an adventure that forged innovative musical genres in its underground circuits, creating a syncretism of artistic expressions and lifestyles, a container of political-existential instances that often transversally unites, in a collective dance, dreamers of liberated communities, technological experimentation and struggles for minority rights. This phenomenon went viral throughout Europe, first being repressed by European legislative apparatuses and police until being, in a second phase, almost completely absorbed by consumer society.

Key Words
  • Documentary
  • music
Directed By
  • Alessandro Ruggeri
Produced By
  • Andrea Pirri Ardizzone
Original title
  • Last Rave a free party story
  • Italy
  • 2022
  • 55’ min.
  • Available in 2K
  • Language: English, Italian
  • Subtitles: English
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