The Steyl Medien Collection


Steyl Medien is the media company of the Society of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD), a 50 years old company that produces for Christian institutions, educational establishments and TV programs.

Available in English:

  • “Limitless”: a Tv program about the Steyl Missionaries around the world (10 dubbed episodes available)  
  • It began on the river Maas:  a documentary that follow the creation by Arnold Jenssen in a small village called Steyl, in 1875 of a religious order that  changed the world.

Produced by Steyl Medien


  • Documentaries
  • TV movie

  • Documentary
  • Religious
  • Germany
  • 2005/2013
  • 10’ to 30'
  • Available in Full HD
  • Language: English

TVCO Faith

Only Good Things
  • Comedy
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Their Breath
A film by Cécile Besnault, Ivan Marchika
  • Documentary
  • Religious
More Info
Beyond The Storm
A film by Marco Cassini
  • Biopic
  • Religious
More Info
Walking The Walk
A film by Maurice O'Brien
  • Documentary
  • Human Interest
  • Religious
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