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a feature film by Marco Renda (FIRST FILM)

with Gaia Forte, Roberta Mattei (Don’t Be Bad, Italian Race), Mariano Rigillo (The Postman), Nicolò Ernesto Alaimo, Fioretta Mari (Kaos)

Edhel is a young girl born with a malformation that makes her ears look pointy, like those of an Elf, setting her apart from her peers.
She faces her discomfort avoiding relations with people unless it is strictly necessary. School is a nightmare and she feels happy only when she can ride Caronte, her late father’s horse. He has died during an equestrian event, and she cannot get over his death. Edhel lives with her mother Ginevra, but their relationship is strained and conflicting. Ginevra presses her daughter to get a plastic surgery, in order to correct that defect that separates her from “normality”.
Edhel's encounter with Silvano, the bizarre school janitor who introduces her to the world of Fantasy, convinces the girl of the possibility that those ears are the clear sign of belonging to the noble line of the Elves…
Edhel is an intimate story, a journey between dream and reality of a young girl, lonely, bullied for her diversity and suffering for a premature loss, but being different sometimes could be an extraordinary gift.
Silver Award at Giffoni Film Festival; Best Picture, Best Indie Feature, Best director, Best Ensemble at Los Angeles Film Awards
Italy - 2018, 84’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Children, Family, Fantasy, Drama
Language: Italian with English subtitles
Produced by Vinians Production


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