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a documentary investigation by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy (Africa, Blood & Beauty)

The film, shot in 30 countries in a 3-year-production, is a journey seeking the causes and consequences of the unprecedented extermination of African elephants. Every 15 minutes one elephant is killed by a poacher in Africa; within 10 years, elephants could be completely wiped out from the wild. Where does the source of the “genocide” lay?
Sergey Yastrzhembskiy, a former Russian politician, press secretary to Boris Yeltsin and aide to Vladimir Putin, gives a frank answer to that question in his new devastating documentary investigation. The film received somewhat controversial reviews at international festivals, primarily due to its rawness and shocking revelations. The filmmaker does not comply with any principles of political correctness, exposing some shocking real images of the killing of elephants, while on the other hand showing those luxury shops, which sell ivory to willing customers. All of that is shown within a set of interviews with passionate elephant advocates, fighting a war to save the elephants.
Golden Eagle Award for Best Documentary by National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia
New York City International Film Festival 2016 - Best Documentary
Vues du Monde Festival de Montreal 2016 - Best Directot, Jury Special Award
Russia, Kenya, France - 2016, 87’, available in Full HD 
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Produced by Yastreb Film



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