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THE GOOD PLACE (La Terra Buona)

a feature film by Emanuele Caruso (SECOND FILM)

with Fabrizio Ferracane (Black Souls, Malena), Lorenzo Pedrotti (Made in Italy), Viola Sartoretto, Cristian Di Sante, Giulio Brogi (The ManWho Will Come)

Val Grande, a 152 square kilometers land close to Switzerland, the largest wilderness zone in Europe, no human trace, no roads, no villages, no street lights. Father Sergio, a Benedictine monk in his 80s, has been living here for 40 years in a lodge, with him is Gianmaria, a mild mannered little man helping with all necessities.
One day, bringing food supplies back from the nearest village, Gianmaria shows up with a boy and a girl, visibly exhausted after the 4 hour walking in the mountains. Strangely, they have not come to see the old monk but a third person who is secretly living there... a doctor.
Inspired by true events.
Italy - 2018, 110’, available in 2K
Genre: Drama
Language: Italian/English with English subtitles
Produced by Obiettivo Cinema


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