The History of a Mystery

a documentary by Omar Pesenti

The Shroud of Turin is a centuries-old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. A man that millions believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. Is it really the cloth that wrapped his crucified body, or is it simply a medieval forgery, a hoax perpetrated by some clever artist? Modern science has completed hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed study and intense research on the Shroud. It is, in fact, the single most studied artifact in human history, and we know more about it today than we ever have before. And yet, the controversy still rages.
The origins of the shroud and its images are the subject of intense debate among theologians, historians and researchers. Diverse arguments have been made in scientific and popular publications claiming to prove that the cloth is the authentic burial shroud of Jesus, based on disciplines ranging from chemistry to biology and medical forensics to optical image analysis.

Through historical documents and interviews of the most important and accredited experts on the subject, this documentary takes the viewer inside the mysteries of this unique relic.

Italy/Vatican City - 2015, 52’, available in Full HD

Genre: Documentary

Language: Italian with English subtitles

Produced by CTV and Officina Della Comunicazione

the shroud


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