About TVCO

TVCO is an international sales and production independent company, founded in 2006 in Rome, by Film and TV veteran Vincenzo Mosca. TVCO is committed to bringing the finest and most fascinating world and Italian independent films to the international market.  Its ever-expanding library  includes intriguing feature films and documentaries, with a focus on market-premiere titles and director’s first works. TVCO brings a fresh and solid marketing perspective to its core activities such as distribution, sales and festival markets.

Vincenzo Mosca


Cinema from the World for the World

Vincenzo Mosca founded TVCO to develop, produce, distribute and acquire independent feature films and television programs internationally.

Vincenzo has been involved in sales and major international co-productions at leading companies such as SACIS, RAI TRADE, Europroducciones TV, and Lux Vide

As CEO and founder of TVCO, he has been expanding its market share by co-producing third party projects, providing a wide range of services for the industry and building a large catalog and line-up of over 100 titles.

He specializes in distribution, sales, marketing, acquisitions of rights. Vincenzo is currently developing his new two feature films which will be added to TVCO lineup in 2022.

He is very active in evaluating finished films and programs from all over the world.

Simonetta Polese

Head of Sales

Simonetta has a 25-year career in distribution and has joined TVCO’s sales team as an experienced sales manager. She is content focused, skilled and passionate in negotiating and licensing movies, series, tv programs, cult and library titles, documentaries, for all kinds of platforms and rights.

Lediona Kasapi

Acquisitions - Sales - Festivals

Lediona Kasapi is a film nerd, who was born and raised in Albania, currently based in Berlin, Germany. She studied Law a long time ago, so she barely trusts anyone before an agreement is signed. Her previous roles include several positions in the production department, content acquisition, art-house film distribution, lawyer at a collective management society, film selector at a local festival back home and international relations at a national film fund.
Also a hardcore fan of football, geometry, hip-hop, and memes; trying to not lose touch with the world outside of the ‘film industry bubble’

Antonella Morlando

Head of Business Affairs

Antonella joined TVCO after 10 years working as a professional and business consultant specialized in publishing distribution.
She is in charge of administration and production fundraising.

Alessandro Cintoli

Corporate Support, Traffic and Deliveries Manager

Alessandro worked for 30 years at Rai (the Italian Broadcasting Corporation), acquiring a substantial know-how in international contract management, technical standards, warehousing and delivery methods.
He is bringing his expertise into TVCO as a manager of the key backoffice areas of the company.