Alles Wird Gut – Abbi Fede

A film by Giorgio Pasotti


Once a violent criminal, Adamo spends his rehabilitation in a small mountain community with Father Ivan, a mild-mannered, bona fide self-styled priest who has two other sheep to care for.
Gustav, a former Austrian skier who moved to South Tyrol and is an alcoholic and kleptomaniac, and Khalid, an Arab crook with a temper. Ivan explains that rehabilitation is simply choosing a goal and achieving it.
Adamo’s goal is to prepare an apple strudel from the apples of the tree behind the church. Strange things happen to the tree, which is afflicted by a series of misfortunes due to a mysterious force.
A black comedy with paradoxical characters.

Production: Cannizzo Produzioni Srl, Greif Produktion Srl, Sigma Filmproduktion GmbH
Based on the film “Adams æbler” by Anders Thomas Jensen.



  • Feature Films

  • Black Comedy
  • Austria, Italy
  • 2019
  • 100’ min.
  • Available in 2K, DCP
  • Language: German

Directed by

  • Giorgio Pasotti


  • Giorgio Pasotti
  • Claudio Amendola
  • Robert Palfrader
  • Gerti Drassl

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