Sommeliers say that coffee has three flavors: bitter, sour and fragrant.
In Belgium, Hamed is an Iraqi owner of a small pawnshop. During a violent street riot, his precious coffee pot is stolen from the shop. Hamed finds out who the thief is and, despite his peaceful nature, decides to seek revenge, only to become a victim.
In Italy, Renzo is a passionate coffee sommelier; he is trying, with many difficulties, to make this a proper profession. When his girlfriend Gaia gets pregnant, he decides to turn his life around, risking to lose everything.
In China, Fei, a successful young manager, is getting married with his boss’ daughter and everything seems to be perfect until he moves for work back to the Yunnan region, his birthplace and the center of coffee production in China. Here, facing his past and after meeting a mysterious artist, he starts reconsidering his real priorities in life.

Three stories set in three different worlds, three destinies that intertwine expressing the uncertainty of our confused times.

Special Event at Venice Days 2016, São Paulo Film Festival
In Competition International Perspective, Beijing International Film Festival 2017
Tiantan Award Competition, Shanghai International Film Festival 2017
Media Focus Unit
Cairo International Film Festival
Festival of Festivals

Key Words
  • Drama
Directed By
  • Cristiano Bortone
Produced By
  • Orisa Produzioni
  • Savage Film
  • Lihua
  • China Blue Films​
  • Hichem Yacoubi
  • Zhuo Tan
  • Li Fang Shen
  • Ennio Fantastichini
  • Dario Aita
  • Koen De Bouw
Original title
  • Caffè
  • Belgium, Cina, Italy
  • 2016
  • 113’ min.
  • Available in Full HD
  • Language: English, Flemish, French, Italian, Mandarin
  • Subtitles: English
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