Evelyn In The Cloud

A film by Anna Di Francisca


In her early forties, Sofia lives in the mountains, isolated from the world, a place where even basic Internet technology seems to be an unknown entity.

She runs an old farmhouse, located at the highest point outside the village, an age-old structure that she has converted into a holiday farm, whilst taking tending to her cows, her curative herbs and producing special milk used for the making top-quality Parmesan.

She had decided to renovate that old farmhouse inherited from her parents and convert it into a place in which to welcome tourists from all over the globe who come in search of peace and tranquility as well as an extraordinary cuisine.

One day, a foreigner from a well-known telecommunications company shows up.
He considers that particular location the ideal spot to erect a cellphone repeater, a tower that will bring progress not only to Sofia, but to the whole area…

How can ancient customs, peaceful silence and recipes coexist with the inevitable approach of new technologies which can improve our lives?

Produced by Orange Media and TVCO

In collaboration with 

  • Feature Films

  • Comedy


In pre-production

Original title
Evelyne tra le Nuvole
  • Italy, Switzerland
  • Available in Full HD, DCP
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English

Directed by

  • Anna Di Francisca


I Want To Watch
  • Drama
  • Thriller
In development
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Evelyn In The Cloud
A film by Anna Di Francisca
  • Comedy
In pre-production
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