A film by Gonçalo, Luís Galvão Teles


Born from the DNA of a frozen ice age mummy, Catarina grows up incarcerated in an isolated palace, subject to experiments on human immortality conducted by FUTURE LIFE investigator Samuel. A film student named Joana, just Joana, falls madly in love with Miguel, an ice obsessed classmate, only to see him tragically ripped from her hands during an initiatory journey to a snowy mountaintop.

What can possibly unite Joana and Catarina?

How many lives are there in one life?

Is the end only the beginning of something else?

Official Selection at Fantasporto, Official Selection at Cinequest Film Festival, Best Film and Best Actress at Fantastic Planet Film Festival

Produced by Fado Filmes, Potenza Producciones


  • Feature Films

  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Romance
Original title
  • Portugal, Spain
  • 2016
  • 105’ min.
  • Available in Full HD
  • Language: Portuguese, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English

Directed by

  • Gonçalo
  • Luís Galvão Teles


  • Ivana Baquero
  • Afonso Pimentel
  • Albano Jerónimo
  • Ivo Canelas
  • Ruth Gabriel

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