Celeste is sixteen years old, a body like many others and a secret of her own. Every now and then, driven by no one knows what need, she goes down the seafront and waits. When a car stops, she gets in. Davide Heller is a successful criminal lawyer. He lives alone in a large apartment, he is a young, handsome, taciturn man. He too has always had a secret. Their meeting is like a faulty bomb that never goes off. One morning Davide Heller leaves home in a jogging outfit, with a big backpack on his shoulders: inside, the corpse of a little girl. Celeste follows him and from then on, she’ll never let go of him… In a crescendo of tension, their two ordinary and sick existences mirror each other noiselessly. Until the end.

Based on Diego De Silvas’s novel Voglio Guardare.

Key Words
  • Drama
  • Thriller
Directed By
  • Stefano Incerti
Produced By
  • Raindogs & TVCO
  • In development
Original title
  • Italy
  • 2023
  • Available in Full HD, 2K, DCP
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
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