Marta is a young Olympic diver. Motherless, she has recently lost her father when she suffers a serious pool injury. The rationalism of her older sister Muriel intensifies her psychological trauma, her long-lasting rehabilitation, her pain and her loneliness. Muriel, neurobiology researcher, is too busy with her experiments on mirror neurons to understand and mitigate Marta’s sufferings.
She decides to move from Barcelona to a small countryside historical Italian village full of artists. Here she will come across Haru, a Japanese girl, muse and lover of Sebastian, an avant-garde painter who has been working on her body up to the extreme consequences. Two orphans, two girls escaping from their lives, who will share a deeper and deeper friendship, destined to evolve into a strong physical attraction and, finally, into a radical process of cross-identification. Sebastian, Haru’s body and soul lover and Pygmalion, remains in background with his disturbing figure.

A medieval village surrounded by a wild nature. A painter who confuses art and life. A Japanese model used to play with her body, a diver that hasn’t dealt yet with her past. Three lives at stake, a passion transforming in obsession, absurd bursting into reality…

Key Words
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Directed By
  • Claudio Sestieri
Produced By
  • Blue Film
  • and GrisMedio
  • Angelique Cavallari
  • Maya Murofushi
  • Pier Giorgio Bellocchio
  • Antonia Liskova
  • Marina Esteve
  • José María Blanco
Original title
  • Seguimi
  • Italy
  • 2017
  • 94’ min.
  • Available in Full HD
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
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