On 2 June 2010 a small group of pilgrims from the Lassalle-Haus, Bad Schönbrunn, Switzerland, is setting out on foot with the aim of reaching Jerusalem by Christmas. The way through the Alps, the Balkans, Istanbul, Turkey and Syria is an ancient pilgrimage route, but was also used by the Crusaders. The Protagonists Franz Mali, Christian Rutishauser, Hildegard Aepli and Esther Rüthemann have  deliberately chosen to take this road, to meditate and pray for peace while offering an opening for encounters and learning from the sources of the three Abrahamic traditions. It is a road especially suitable when envisaging and working for a world beyond wars of religion. The documentary accompanies the pilgrims on their way (206 days and 4800 kilometers) and shows what they experience, e.g. encounter with new languages, traditions and cultures. It also shows the impact for mind and body on this long trip together.

Key Words
  • Documentary
Directed By
  • Christof Wolf
Produced By
  • Loyola Production Munich
  • and SRF
  • Germany, Switzerland
  • 2012
  • 29'/52’
  • Language: German
  • Subtitles: English
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