This adventurous and soulful story with comedic beats is a feature film debut by acclaimed actor and stage director Lauri Lagle. Karina and Martin are in a pleasant relation where everyday life flows in an effortlessly accustomed way and no small misbehavior can shake it’s rush. Life is good. Perhaps it’s this perfection and frequent patterns that make them finally pose a question – is everything to be expected in life? This is a story about following the yearning of your soul. Longing for something other than the present and having the courage to be deliberately lost. The characters in the film are looking for a place of love and understanding in the world. Their journey is playful, mellow and thoroughly human. It is full of mistakes, but also possibilities for new beginnings, and colorful personalities who all share a common goal – to find happiness. Because there is only one way home, and that is to continue traveling. “Portugal” is profound and smooth like a summer’s night. It is a physical progression and a mental journey towards something other than a mere geographical location on a map.


Top First Look Prize – Locarno 2017
POFF Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – Estonian Film Competition

Key Words
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Directed By
  • Lauri Lagle
Produced By
  • All Fil
  • Mirtel Pohla
  • Margus Prangel
  • Elmo Nüganen
  • Estonia
  • 2018
  • 110’ min.
  • Available in DCP
  • Language: Estonian
  • Subtitles: English
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