Like soldiers on the front line, the men of the Security Force share a rigid code of honor and brotherhood, a body of unwritten rules that must absolutely be respected because when your hide is on the line and reaction times are faster than the blink of an eye, you can only count on your “Bros.” to cover your back! The “actual & factual” series Security Bros. tells the stories of a team of security experts, made up of three main protagonists, plus their Agency Chief and team of colleagues.

Their lives and personal stories are interwoven with this most particular profession of theirs full of risk, peril and tension in nearly every situation they must face. Night clubs, personal guards, bodyguards for celebrities or wealthy entrepreneurs, corporate security, the “Bros” are always on the front line and they can’t afford to miss a beat.

We’ll show & tell you how these “Security Men” divide themselves between their daily affections and family, how they willingly help each other, how they carry on the preparations and training sessions necessary to maintain themselves in peak form, and then we’ll show the missions themselves, portrayed in a “realtime” style through reconstructions of true-to-life stories presented with the same high adrenaline actions that the “Bros.” have all experienced firsthand! All this and much more comes with Security Bros!

Key Words
  • Factual
Produced By
  • Orange Media
  • In development
  • Italy
  • 2023
  • 10X26'’ min.
  • Available in DCP
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
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