A film by Stefano Incerti


An unexpected journey of two crossed destinies unraveling in a lost snowscape…
Donato, a strange and suspicious man is driving a green station wagon, looking for something, maybe the loot of a forgotten heist. Nora, a beautiful woman gets stranded by her petty gangster lover from whom she may have stolen something important to him. Donato unwillingly decides to help Norah and take her with him on his mysterious drive. Why does Norah go with Donato and stay with him until the end?

Best Acting Performance Award at Noir In Festival – Courmayeur

Produced by Eskimo


  • Feature Films

  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Noir
Original title
  • Italy
  • 2014
  • 90’ min.
  • Available in Full HD
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English

Directed by

  • Stefano Incerti


  • Roberto De Francesco
  • Esther Elisha
  • Massimiliano Gallo

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