The Heart Of A Doll

A film by Antonio di Domenico


Can a doll with brittle bones become a pop star?

VERONICA TULLI, aka LULU RIMMEL, is an exceptional performer: she’s very small but when she sings her voice never goes unnoticed. Her disease, the so called “brittle bone syndrome”, is not an obstacle for her, though: playing with her own special qualities, she performs as a singing doll on the stage of the Freak Show and in other shows in different places of the Roman underground scene. She is witty, charming and romantic and wants it all, no compromises! She has turned her disability into just another minor glitch in life…


Produced by Rizoma Film


Ombre e Luci – Cinema e disabilità


  • Documentaries

  • Arts
  • Documentary
  • Human Interest
Original title
Cuore Di Bambola
  • Italy
  • 2019
  • 80, 54’ min.
  • Available in Full HD

Directed by

  • Antonio di Domenico

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