The Lamb

A film by Mario Piredda


Sixteen year-old rebel Anita’s father is seriously ill and waiting for a transplant. His brother is a compatible donor, but the two haven’t spoken in years. Anita decides to intervene, in a rough and contaminated Sardinia.

“The Lamb is a very well-grounded story, but like our rebellious Anita, it deals with some universal issues: the social and environmental costs of progress, the eternal fight between individual and public interest, the attachment to one’s own roots. Through Anita’s voice, it becomes the sound – or maybe the scream – of a whole community, that deserves to be healthy and to keep its world safe.”

Produced by Articolture – Ivan Olgiati, Chiara Galloni

with the support of  Regione Sardegna, Fondazione Sardinia Film Commission

  • Feature Films

  • Drama
Original title
  • Italy
  • 90’ min.
  • Available in DCP
  • Language: Italian

Directed by

  • Mario Piredda


  • Nora Stassi
  • Luciano Curreli
  • Michele Atzori
  • Piero Marcialis

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